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The coaching and management team at CrossFit Jack Pine came together with a single purpose; to create an outstanding CrossFit facility in Midland that provides a home for our community to achieve their fitness goals. Our coaches come from diverse backgrounds and bring a variety of specializations to our team, but we all share one common passion and that is to create excellent movement in our athletes. We know that if you move well in our facility, you will be able to go heavier, faster, farther and longer and those characteristics will transfer into your life activities outside of the gym.

The community is the heart of any CrossFit gym and ours represent the full spectrum of ages, fitness levels, backgrounds, and hobbies. From young teenage athletes in our kids program to the 55 years and up masters crowd, our program and methods are viable for anyone willing to put in the work, leave their ego in the car, and chase the best health of their lives. Doctors, lawyers, plumbers, baristas, and teachers are all present in our gym and they are all equal under the iron. Effort earns respect within our walls, knowing you give it your full effort every time is all that we ask.

Our facility was designed to make training its primary focus. We offer private parking, as well as dedicated outdoor running and training space for those beautiful Michigan seasons. Inside our facility we have spotless bathrooms with private showers, music that’s just the right kind of loud, and well maintained equipment to keep our athletes safe and focused on their training….not the conditions of their barbells. Our lobby space is comfortable for hanging out before or after classes, with daily storage space available for gym gear or outdoor clothing.

Additionally we’re proud to host the Midland Gracie Jiu Jitsu school within our facility. For information regarding their adult or youth programs contact [email protected].

John Muir once said  “Between every Two Jack Pines is a Doorway to a New World.”

I encourage you to come and see our world ; It’s amazing, and so are you.   ~ Lisa Keefer

CrossFit Jack Pine


CrossFit JackPine

CrossFit Jack Pine


Monday through Friday: 5:30am, Noon, 6:00pm

Saturday: 7:30am, 9:30am

Call: 989-898-1326 (Press 0 to be connected)

Location: 4400 James Savage Road, Midland, MI 48642

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